It was only a few years ago that you didn’t need to take out a second mortage to get a good bottle of Scotch. Well, times have changed and even Bourbon and ryes are getting pricey.

But there is good news, there has never been a wider selection of whiskies available! A good example are Irish whiskies. Ten years ago you had Jameson and Bushmills and if you were lucky you might find a bottle of Paddy’s or Powers Gold Label. Today, the New Hampshire Liquor Outlet boasts over 80 unique brands! And if weren’t for my leprechaun friends, (yes, I have leprechaun friends)  I’d have a devil of a time finding my way down the aisle.

But, have no fear, the Upper Valley Whisky Society has your back! In our Members Only section, you will find information on New Releases, sale prices in New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine.