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Did you ever wonder how all that whisky at the liquor store got there? After all, it’s coming from all around the world! Well, it’s another miracle or modern logistics.

When a bottle of Scotch leaves the distillery on Islay it begins quite a journey. We know the journey starts with a truck and ends with a truck and there’s probably a boat or an airplane in between. But one of the most important stops the whisky will make, at least in New Hampshire, is the DHL Distribution Center in Bow, New Hampshire.

All the whisky and other booze for that matter, coming into New Hampshire pause here before continuing on to one of over 70 liquor stores in the state.

It’s a massive facility, almost 250,000 sqft, and the booze is stacked five tiers high! That’s a lot of liquor folks. The facility has 21 truck docks. Inside it’s like a giant beehive, a whirlwind of activity as the liquor arrives is sorted, stored, picked and redistributed. It’s a sight to behold!

So, come join us on Friday, the 26th of July when the Upper Valley Whisky Society gets an exclusive tour of the entire facility. The tour is scheduled to start at 3:00 pm. For those of you coming from other directions, we’ll meet up in the visitor parking lot at 2:50.

The tour will take approximately 45min to an hour.

After the tour, I have made a reservation for us at Whiskey & Wine Restaurant in downtown Concord, just minutes away. https://whiskey-wine.business.site/

I have been told the food is good but more importantly, they have an extensive collection of whiskies!


1:30 – Leave Wilder Park & Ride (car pools)
3:00 – 4:00 – Tour of the DHL – Liquor Distribution Center, Bow, NH
5:00 – 6:30 – Dinner at Whiskey & Wine
7:30 – Arrive back at Wilder Park & Ride

Event Cost – $15.00*
(*The tour of the facility and a dram at the Whiskey & Wine.)

To keep the cost down and provide you with an opportunity to select from their entire menu I have not included dinner in the fee.

So, sign up quickly, space will be limited to 10 people!