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Kilbeggan Distillery (formerly Brusna Distillery and Locke’s Distillery), located on the River Brosna in Kilbeggan, Ireland is back in business! Though it has a license to distill that dates back to 1757, the distillery was dormant from 1957 until 2007.

In 1987 the Cooley Distillery acquired the assets to Kilbeggan, which allowed them to offer whiskies under the Kilbeggan and Locke’s brands. But it wasn’t until 2007 that the distillery was put back into production. Then, in November 2018, Kilbeggan released a Small Batch Rye made from a mash bill of malted and unmalted barley and around 30% rye. It was well received and scored an 89 in Whisky Advocate’s Spring 2019 Buying Guide.

They are now releasing  Kilbeggan Single Pot Still. It is a true pot still Irish whiskey with a mashbill of malted and unmalted barley with 2.5% oats. It’s double-distilled, unique for an Irish whiskey, and is 43% ABV.

It is not yet locally available, however, it is obtainable online. Just remember, though, Vermont does not allow the delivery of alcohol via the mail or common carriers such as FedEx or UPS.

Kilbeggan Pot Still Whisky

Producer: Kilbeggan Distillery

Origin: Ireland

ABV: 43%

Price Range: $$$



Tasting Notes —

Nose: Initial fresh, crisp aroma followed by apple, pear, and melon. Jasmine and hazelnut notes combine with a hint of honeycomb sweetness.

Palette: Spice becomes apparent, but not overbearing, with summer fruits and citrus. Warming mid-palate with a fresh mint leaf flavor leading on to a rich, creamy mouthfeel.

Finish: Initially soft, mellow, and smooth, with a creamy finish, lingering spice, and dryness as the oat influence become evident.

Price Guide:

$$$$$ = Greater than $100
$$$$   = $80 – 100
$$$     = $50 – 80
$$       = $30 – 50
$          = Less than $30