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in 2013 Peter Jillson and Anne Marie Delaney founded SILO Distillery, located in Artisan Park in Windsor, Vermont. Artisan Park is also home to Harpoon Brewery, Simon Pearce, Oh Veggie!, The Cheese Board, Great River Outfitters and the Path of Life Sculture Garden.

The distillery is in a newly built barn rich with the smells of pine and cooking grains. The folks at Silo offer tours, tastings, and unique cocktail experiences.  In addition, the space offers beautiful acoustics for local musicians. Therefore, come and enjoy live music against a backdrop of the stainless steel and copper of SILO’s custom German distillation equipment.

SILO’s process is entirely hands-on, starting with grain selection from Grembowicz Farm in North Clarendon, Vermont. SILO supports a sustainable production process, recycling the water they use throughout the process, as well as shipping spent grains off to local farmers for use as feed.