silo distillery free hand-sanitizer

Silo Distillery, located in the Artisan’s Park, in Windsor, Vermont, is offering free hand-sanitizer during the corona-virus outbreak.

Erin Bell, Head Distiller, said they produce a 65% hand solution by combining vegetable glycerin (typically found in cosmetics and sourced from plants) with the 180-190 proof (90-95%) ethanol head cuts from their distillations.

Glycerol is a simple polyol compound. It is a colorless, odorless, viscous liquid that is sweet-tasting and non-toxic. Due to having antimicrobial and antiviral properties, manufacturers use it in FDA approved wound and burn treatments.

High-proof alcohol is a by-product of the alcohol distillation process. The process of making alcohol involves several steps. Grain, be it barley, corn, wheat, or rye is milled and then fermented in a yeast solution. During fermentation, the yeast converts the sugars within the grain to alcohol.

During distillation, the distiller heats the fermented solution, and at 173°, the alcohol begins to vaporize.  The first alcohol to vaporize is referred to as the heads and contains compounds detrimental to the flavor of the final product. Yet, its high concentration of alcohol makes it desirable for cosmetic and medicinal applications.

Silo has produced sanitizer for their use at the distillery. In light of the scarcity of sanitizer in the local marketplace, Silo has decided to make free hand-sanitizer available to their patrons as well.

They are offering the product free of charge but are limiting guests to 16oz per visit. And they are requesting folks bring their own containers (up to 2). They suggest using rinsed lotion, shampoo, or soap bottles.

Free Hand-Sanitizer Availability

During distillery closure, the free hand-sanitizer will be available for pick up at the following dates and time.

3/18 3-6 pm
3/19 3-6 pm
3/20 3-5pm
3/21 11am-1pm

Erin recommends that you visit their website (, Facebook ( or Instagram pages for updates on times we will have the distillery open for filling, etc.