world whisky bottle collection

Welcome to the whisky cabinet.

Here we have a collection of various whiskys we have tasted or would like to sample. They represent all types and styles of whiskies from all corners of the globe. Please use the profiles and ratings, if assigned, to help guide your next purchase or addition to your whisky cabinet.

We’re compiling the list in several ways. First, I randomly choose a whisky that has caught my attention. I may have recently sampled it or came across a write-up in a colleague’s whisky blog. If I feel it’s of interest, I add the profile to the cabinet.

Second, I take requests. If there is a whisky that has caught your attention and you’d like us to do the leg work, send us a note, and we’ll include it as soon as possible.

Third, if you’d like to be a contributor, drop me a note, and I will supply you with a template. Fill it out, send it in, we’ll do any editing if needed, and we’ll add an image and post it to the cabinet. We’ll even give you credit. Earn twenty-five credits, and we’ll send you a UVWS T-shirt or whisky glass, your choice!

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